Welcome to Ginny Dandy! After eleven years of on again, off again blogging and daily reminders from “The Universe” to ‘write, write, write’, I’ve birthed yet another blogging platform which will hopefully be ‘The One’ to house my random thoughts on three areas that comprise the majority of my life: motherhood, leadership and books. 

Why the name ‘Ginny Dandy’? I’m a believer that everyone has role models. It starts when you are young; you see someone you admire and you try to imitate their characteristics, to be more like them. Those role models turn to mentors in the professional world, as you climb the corporate ladder in all that you aspire to be. I realized that early on, I had two distinguished role models, my Grandmothers: Jenny and Ginny (pronounced Jenny). I spent the majority of my time with my grandmother Jenny. I was born on her birthday. We shared a bond that is indescribable and even though she is singing in Heaven’s Choir, I’ve never truly felt that she’s been gone from this Earth, or me. She has shaped my life in so many ways, in ways that I hope to give back and to inspire others. My grandmother Ginny was a beautiful, refined woman. She was an entrepreneur, running my Grandfather’s Coal Mining business (a woman in a man’s world!), and was always put together, head to foot. She was loving, but firm. Refined. Sophisticated. 

So, ‘Ginny’ comes from my two Grandmothers and their influence; the hope that their influence shines through allowing you to take a nugget or two to help you in life’s journey. 

‘Dandy’ comes from my philosophy on life. Definition (noun): a (wo)man devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance; an excellent thing of its kind. Life is DANDY!

When you launch a blog, one of the first “rules of thumb” is to define who your audience is… my audience is me and others who are like me:

A Mama. A Working Mother. A Leader. A woman with ambition. An aspiring writer. A woman who wants to change the world.

This life is an illusion and we control how we live it. You have the power to make your life what you want, you just need to step out onto the path you create. –PJ Jackson”

Welcome to #ginnydandy! xoxo

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