“Intentional” About 2020

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2020? I certainly cannot. I distinctly remember the chaos of the “2000” new year just like it was yesterday. In the days leading up to the celebratory day, I took some time to think about the past year, and about how I wanted 2020 to look and all the things I wanted to accomplish. One of my favorite sayings is “People make plans, and God laughs,” so I’m fully aware that my plans may not come to fruition, but I wanted to do a better job, be more focused and deliberate in the coming days.

My first step was to decide on a key word for 2020: one word that could ground me and serve as the centering point if I venture off course. I chose the word ‘INTENTIONAL’. I want all of my actions to be intentional, to help drive me and my family towards our goals. In my 2019 inventory, I realized the crazy amount of time wasted on social media accounts so along with setting the word, I deliberately removed the social media apps from my phone. I can still access them when I’m at my computer, but gone are the days of wasting time while sitting on the couch when I could be engaging with my family, waiting for a doctors appointment, or the many other times we pick up the phone and disconnect from reality to engage in the virtual world. I want to be resourceful and intentional with the most precious element we’re give in life.

When I shared my word with the family, they all wanted a word (and boy can I tell you this was THE BEST decision for my little dude…his word is PATIENCE, and all I have to do when he’s lacking some is to ask what is word is and it simply clicks! GENIUS MOM moment, if I do say so myself!)

I displayed our words on our ‘Command Central’ located on the side of the refrigerator and every week, plan to update with a quote – something for us to talk about at dinner. The quote for this first week:

“Whether you think you CAN or you CAN’T, you are right!”

In terms of my work life, I decided to adopt the focus word and created a ‘word of the week’ to help me at work. I chose ‘calm‘ for this, my first week back from the two week holiday break and I am amazed by how visually seeing that word daily, helped me to focus, to not get spun up over nonsense and to remain, well…calm! I plan to share my ‘Focus Word of the Week’ on my Ginny Dandy Instagram page, so be sure to follow!

Lastly, I’ve decided to take the following intentional acts:

  • I’m starting each day with devotions – reading ‘The Daily Bible | 365 Daily Readings’ as well as ‘The Intellectual Devotional’. I’ve always wanted to read the Bible, and this version helps to reinforce what you are reading with explanations and clarifications. Because you read 2-3 pages a day, it helps with the retention. And can I say ‘BOY – were things messed up in Genesis!’
  • After my readings, I wake the hubby and we start our morning each day with our T-Time (morning ‘tea’ time, that is…or in my case, cappuccino). This week was a bit rocky getting back into the swing of things BUT, we started this tradition back in October and it has been wonderful for our relationship. Two rules: no planning, no cell phones, just talking.
  • Targeting a 2-3 day/week workout and I discovered the ‘Ruth Bader Ginsburg‘ workout (or RBG for short). It’s a 25 min workout, which is totally doable for the busy working mama, and is a mix between cardio, weight lifting, stretching and ending with cardio. I am really enjoying it.
  • Getting serious about my writing – blogging but most importantly, focusing on writing my children’s book. Everyone who knows me, knows that I’ve always wanted to write a book. I have SO MANY ideas in my head, but in the past, that’s where they stayed. In the sprit of being INTENTIONAL, I am DETERMINED to become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR in 2020.

My focus: being INTENTIONAL, focusing on my health, and writing. Everything else that happens in 2020 is just icing on the cake!

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