A time when you leave the life you’ve created, and travel back in time with extended family to reminisce about years past and create new memories. Full of excitement, anticipation and expectations about how the day (or week) will unfold.

I had a realization this morning that in some instances, my visit with family is framed by the teachings behind ‘Crucial Conversations’: when stakes are high, there’s opposing views and strong emotions. In an environment like that, it’s easy to get thrown off course.

A family that all grew up together in (very) rural PA, we’ve ventured far and wide and all have created a different life, with different experiences and expectations for the same holiday.

I’ll be the first to admit that, being a self-proclaimed control freak, I enjoy being in control and orchestrating the days events; Thanksgiving continues to be a fantastic teaching opportunity, reminding me to slow-down, be grateful and accept and appreciate every member of my family, “just the way they are.”

Wishing you and yours a joyous, blessed and memory filled holiday!

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